We all need changes. Most of us, though, are afraid of them. This has become humanity’s common cliché. It’s no way possible hard to believe that a person hesitates when it comes to change his / her budget, schedule, way of life, habits, home, or even a pet. This fear to lose the comfort they are sorrounded with, is what makes a person go insane, get caught into a straitjacket and become isolated from the outside world… Just kidding, the person will only become hesitant about it. It is up to him / her whether to change or not.

But to start over… it is no more a minor change. And, in spite of that, people are more willing to do it. I’m not saying it’s easy, What I mean, — it’s my own point of view — that the person welcomes more the idea of cleaning the slate than just a little change. Some regret the decision, some others don’t.

I have not personally lived a major change like this. Well, to be sincere, just a few times. My family and I have moved to several places. And it is a starting over. In a sense, you should get to know new people, adapt yourself to your new house till the point of calling it a Home. But I was nothing but a child, those changes didn’t affect me at all. Yeah, I cried sometimes telling my parents I wanted to stay where we were, or that I didn’t want to lose my current friends. But that’s all. Five minutes in the new school and then I was hanging with new boys and girls, having fun and messing around. But now that I have graduated from high school, got a job, and stable relationships with friends… the idea hasn’t really come up to my mind. Yes, I’ve committed mistakes, but I by no means think I need to start my life over to solve those things.

I know some guys that tried to start over, unsuccesfully. It might be possible that their examples are the reason I don’t even think about it. I’ve heard of other ones that have changed their lives completely. They have overcome big troubles, drug / alcohol / substances addictions, lack of self-steem, etcetera. But, is that really the word? ‘To start over’? Ghouls and remembrances of their past lives crawl upside down over their ceilings. Sometimes the thing some call ‘karma’ is around, ambushing, ready to attack. Or is that just their imagination? I’ve come up with the conclusion, then — again, it’s my own point of view –, that there’s no thing such as ‘to start over’. You’re leaving the past behind. And the past will always be the past, no matter how much are you trying to hide it from the rest of the world.

Then, when you ‘start over’… there will not be a new log. Your history will not be rewritten. You’re just making a change, again…

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