Ne m’oubliez pas | #NaPoWriMo Day 22

“Forget me not”,
said the thousand voices,
pleading and crying,
while singing this song.

“Forget me not”,
said the legendary warrior,
whose life was taken
while holding a flower,
when drowning in water.

“Love, forget me not”,
were this man’s famous last words,
when holding the flower
that was for his precious love.

“Forget me not”,
said the flower itself,
to the heavens,
and those dwelling in them
granted it this name,
never to be forgotten,
never to be forsaken.

Hey, forget-me-not,
make me remember,
remember my dead parents,
who perished,
who died in war.

Hey, forget-me-not,
don’t sink the broken into desperation,
the desperate ones into oblivion,
or sorrow,
or death…

“Silently, one by one…”
quoted the poet,**
“in the infinite meadows of Heaven,
blossom the lovely stars,
the forget-me-nots
of the angels.”

Oh blue, oh purple forget-me-not,
tell this to my princess:
“If by a chance I’ve got to die here,
forget me not, my lady,
have my remembrance with you, mistress”…

– Israel Torres

Forget-Me-Not [Wikipedia]

**This piece of poetry was taken from the Canto III of Part the First of the Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem: “Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie

Forget-me-not flower photo: Special thanks for Nicu Buculei’s Photoblog

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